BOTOVERIFY - the attitude of accuracy!

BOTOVERIFY is an image verification solution uniquely designed to verify images at a glance in order to guide against duplication and blurriness of uploaded images for a flawless record keeping and data management.

To ensure accuracy, Botoverify help to quickly spot and screen unwanted images that does not meet the client’s required standard or specification. Our approach to this solution lies in the preventive measure in guiding against these abnormalities in the system.

BOTOVERIFY has been simplified to integrate seamlessly into client’s websites and portals which helps in image validity, face matching, thereby screening and preventing duplication of images into the database. This solution can be deployed for Telecommunication Companies, Immigration Authorities, Examination Bodies and other data management agencies.

How it works

Botoverify is built to fit clients’ specifications as the algorithm is tailor-made to suit whatever application the client uses or plans to use. It uses our custom-built advanced face matching and detection algorithm solution that automatically picks an image and run it against the database of several images, then tries to check for the uniqueness of the image.

It filters out blurry or bad images from the database depending on the client’s specification; and ensures that no duplicate images are stored in the database. Botoverify application also ensures that all uploaded individual images are peculiar to the information or data supplied by users.

The system has the capacity to verify millions of images in a short period irrespective of where the images are stored whether locally, cloud server or database.

Botoverify is been used to verify over 2.2 million examination candidates yearly, and helps to eliminate identity fraud.

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Benefits of BotoVerify

  • Ensures there is no duplication of image files
  • Curbs identity theft and forgery
  • Identifies and disregards blurry or bad images from being stored into the database, depending on the client’s specification.
  • Ensures accurate management of data
  • It is a robust system that can fit in to all clients’ specification
  • It is 99% faster than regular image verifiers
  • It recognizes identical faces i.e. twins, triplets, quadruplets etc.
  • Millions of uploads can be done at an instance.