CIVAMPEMS - Candidates Identity Verification, Attendance, Malpractice & Post Examinations Management System

CIVAMPEMS - Candidates Identity Verification, Attendance, Malpractice and Post Examinations Management System, is a turnkey solution designed to effectively manage the conduct of examinations. It is timely approach to a more effective administration of examination day processes.

CIVAMPEMS is a complete enterprise solution developed for examination bodies for the management of examination candidates’ identity, attendance marking and malpractice reporting in real time for post examination management. The system is developed with high-level user security and data protection.

It has the capacity to capture and store attendance records, as well as record malpractice in a secured database operating with the deployment of contact-less RFID smartcard with HID SEOS® technology and mobile handheld terminals for identity detection and verification. This turnkey solution is a robust system that can be used for policing, election process etc.


Curbs identity fraud

CIVAMPEMS offers a quick and accurate Identity verification process. Every candidate is issued a smartcard that allows their identity to be uniquely verified electronically.

Real-time reporting of examination day process

CIVAMPEMS over-rides the complex & cumbersome traditional paper work involved in marking attendance and recording malpractice during examinations.

Comprehensive Post Examination Management System

Because data is nothing if it can't yield accurate information, the CIVAMPEMS system provides a robust reporting dashboard that gives day-by-day happenings of examination for effective post-examination management decisions.

Secure RFID Smartcards & Rugged Mobile Terminal

Data are securely encrypted in a smartcard powered by HID SEOS technology and the mobile terminal is rugged enough to function in any terrain such as in areas with low internet bandwidth.

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CIVAMPEMS helps to authenticate over 2 million students' identity yearly in West Africa