e-Presence™ - Your Digital Invigilator

An innovative solution that presents all e-assessment providers a tool to efficiently, effortlessly and effectively supervise and monitor its examinations. It is a real time solution that is cost effective, robust and easily adaptable. A complete revolutionary solution, that delivers not just greater efficiency but better assessment.

e-Presence captures the test taker’s biometric information before entering the test environment, and likewise, intermittently captures the face all through the test period to ensure that the test taker is actually the one sitting for the examination.

During the course of the test, unauthorized face (s) are captured and stored as evidence, ensuring the test is devoid of any form of malpractice.

Digital Security for all Computer-based Tests

Identity Fraud Detection

Completely guides against impersonation by continual identification and verification of the test taker during the entire conduct of the examination. e-Presence application helps to scan the test-taker’s facial biometrics at intervals to ensure that the registered test-taker is actually the one sitting for the examination.

Intruder Alert

Offers zero tolerance to intrusion during the examination. The solution has been designed to raise a red flag and send an alert to the test administrator when any other person besides the test taker is captured on the system while the examination is ongoing.

Secure Platform for Online Assessment

e-Presence comes with a new and enhanced security feature for online assessment by verifying the test-taker before granting access to test modules through a secured platform. It is designed to easily integrate and fit into any test administrator’s portal.

Capture and Store pictorial Evidence of malpractice

Ability to capture and keep record of irregularities during the conduct of the examination. Pictorial evidence of all malpractice is logged against the test taker.

Test Reliability and Validity

e-Presence solution adds value and integrity to the examining body. With the solution deployed, you are assured of a credible assessment. There is no unfair advantage!

Real-time Robust Reporting of Examination Conduct

Provides the examining body with real-time report of all activities during the examination process such as identity verification, access to test environment and malpractice cases, which is logged and available for review during post examination management.

e-Presence…delivering not just greater efficiency but better assessment!

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