Who we are

Botosoft is one of the world’s leading anti-counterfeit and identity verification technology companies. Our solutions protect brands and organizations against fraud and forgery. They are intuitive and seamless, to help make life easier for our clients.

What we do best allows them to concentrate on what they do best, without the distraction of dishonesty impacting their productivity. By doing that, we also help to make the lives of everyone else on the planet, safer and more secure.

Established in 2011 with offices in London, wider Europe and Africa, we are members of the global Anti-Counterfeiting Group and partners with the World Customs Organization.

What we do

Although our clients come from a wide variety of sectors, including healthcare, education, manufacturing, packaging and law enforcement, they all have one thing in common: combating deception. We help them to achieve that by innovating solutions specific to their challenges. The result is custom designed identity management, document security, biometric verification and brand protection solutions.

Our Philosophy

At Botosoft Technologies, we follow a simple business philosophy "treating every customer as an individual not a number". We want our actions and decision to demonstrate these values. We believe putting our values into practice creates a long lasting relationship and help offer our clients the best products that meets their various need

Our vision & mission

We have a simple vision – ‘to be consistently recognized as one of the world’s leading providers of bespoke, innovative security solutions’. It’s backed up by an equally simple mission – ‘to continually support our clients with solutions that protect their assets and drive up performance, allowing them to focus on their core business’.

Our Quality Policies

We provide superior quality and create values that improves the lives of our customers thereby making their lives better. Our quality control team ensures that all of our products and services conform to the highest quality standard.

Our Four Whys

There are many reasons for selecting a security technology partner. We believe the following reasons set us apart.

Proven & respected

  • our tamper-proof holographic seals protect millions of certificates, cheques and branded packages annually
  • our mobile identification system is used to verify over 2 million Nigerian examination candidates
  • since its launch, the system has recorded and provided over 50 million records of exam attendance, attempted malpractice and other post-exam data
  • our Identity management solution protects millions of drivers and their cars every year
  • we are a trusted global partner of Microsoft, HID Global, Chainway, Rackspace and many other international organizations
  • our smartcard identification products have won plaudits internationally, including Finalist status at the 2015 International Card Manufacturers Association Awards in USA

Agile & flexible

Your project will change as it develops. We embrace that change. Our process is based on Agile Methodologies and delivers great software through short development iterations.Our processes are designed around agile methodologies so that our solutions can flex and grow alongside the specific challenges they have been created to address.

Short development iterations mean that we can prioritize features, building and testing as each becomes relevant and then delivering them at the precise moment they are required. This also has the advantage of reducing your financial risk and increasing the project’s chances of ultimate success.

Seamless & intuitive

All our products are custom-built to your specific requirements. This also means creating software that your end-users can deploy with minimum training or better still, solutions that run unnoticed under the surface of your existing processes

We take time to learn about your organization, its challenges and the people you employ. Only with that level of understanding can we promise to make your life and theirs, easier.

Tested & tested again

Whether it’s operated by an employee or runs automatically across your network, the performance of all our solutions is thoroughly scrutinized by our proven auto-test-drive system before deployment.

We are hard to please perfectionists, so just one fail in a hundred thousand tests sends us back to engineer a more robust solution.