Anti-Counterfeit Smart Labelling

Product authentication could not be more simple, whilst remaining so secure with our catalogue of anti-counterfeit smart seals.


Health services employ the most innovative and cutting edge technologies to fight illness and disease. We provide the solutions needed to ensure these organisations run seamlessly.


The effects of counterfeit goods are felt by us all, from the manufacturers to the product owners right down to the consumer. Our solutions aim to stamp out counterfeiting.


Product counterfeiting can deal irreversible damage to a brand’s reputation. We provide retail brands with innovative technology that allows consumer to instantly verify a product's authenticity.


We help organisations get their products from A to B safely and securely by developing technologies that address supply chain disruption and the grey market economy.

Chip Embedded Smart Seal

Our microchip embedded labels not only update the security of your products, but provide a whole host of possibilities for gathering and sharing data with your consumers. With just the tap of a smartphone your customers are able to tell if a product has been tampered with, update and view the geographic history of the product as well as gain access to marketing materials and product information.

Holographic Scratch Off Smart Seal

This solution combines the instant visual recognition of holographic design with the broad capabilities and digital benefits of QR code technology in the form of a self-adhesive holographic, scratch-off label. This technology has been developed to offer diverse mobile accessibility, allowing data to be exchanged through SMS, as well as QR code, making it especially useful in territories where smartphones have not yet been universally adopted.