Biometric Authentication

Capture the unique and very precise details

Public Sector

Technology is constantly disrupting the way society operates, we assist organisations in ensuring citizens benefit from the latest technology in their everyday lives.


Our solutions in the education sector provide teachers and students with the means to access education and examinations free from fraud, malpractice and mismanagement.


We help organisations get their products from A to B safely and securely by developing technologies that address supply chain disruption and the grey market economy.

Facial Recognition

Our recognition technology captures and stores information that maps a user’s facial characteristics. Measuring variables on the face, it captures data like the shape of the cheekbones or the length of the jawline and uses these ‘facial landmarks’ as a basis for comparison against the data captured during the registration of the user. Our technology has been tried and tested, proven the ability to differentiate between twins and even triplets.

Thumbprint Scanning

Similarly, fingerprint or thumbprint scanning captures the unique and very precise details, shapes and distances on the friction ridges found on your fingertips and the palms of your hands. Once this data is captured and analysed, it can be measured and if a match is returned the identity is verified.