Our Commitment to You:

We believe that recruiting exceptional talent and developing it to its true potential is fundamental to the future success of our organization Our recruitment and career path policy is underpinned by four simple objectives: Attract, Engage, Build & Retain.

We do this by ensuring we provide the best opportunities, clearest leadership and a continuous learning environment. It’s an employee-centric approach designed to ensure every Botosoft employee ‘loves what they do and loves where they do it”.

The spirit of California tech start-ups flows through our approach, with lots of unusual employee benefits and an environment that encourages everyone to have a voice.

Clear Career Path:

There are no grey areas here. If you’re ambitious and want to know what the next level up is in your career, we provide a clear path for your individual growth and development.

Young, fun & smart:

From our technical team to our support functions, we employ some of the best talent in this market. This ensures that you engage with brilliant minds and constantly challenge the status quo. Nothing is more refreshing and inspiring than spirited, stimulating conversation.

Lunch & Learn:

Once a month, we gather together to ‘lunch’ and ‘learn’ about a new thing…anything…from software to playing soccer and other recreational activities. We do this because we believe in rounded individuals who can speak intelligently about a wide range of subjects.

Learning & Development:

We are committed to your personal and professional growth as we recognize that our continued success lies in the collective strength of our team. Whether it’s improving on existing skills, developing new ones or exploring fresh career prospects, we strive to ensure that we are right there with you hone or acquire new strengths.

If we sound like your sort of company, send your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We recruit across a wide variety of disciplines and sometimes actively look for non-traditional candidates. So tell us as much about yourself when applying.
Botosoft Technologies Limited is an equal opportunity employer.