smarter packaging

Botoseal For Product

BOTOSEAL helps to protect brands products from counterfeits and grey market. Our solutions, equipped with powerful features also provides unparalleled technological innovation and expertise across all aspects of brand protection, helping brands maximize resources in radically new ways.

Smart label

An embedded microchip in our labels not only updates the security of products and documents but also provides a whole host of possibilities for gathering and sharing data with consumers and recipients. With just the tap of a smartphone, you’re able to tell if a product has been tampered with, update and view the geographic history of the product as well as gain access to marketing materials and product information

Botoseal Product Management Platform

Botoseal is a powerful tool that facilitates universal control and traceability of product issuance and distribution across the international supply chain. It is equipped with a powerful function that can help the company revoke or recall securely tagged products that are already in the supply chain.

Enable brand trust and nurture loyalty with these adaptable benefits


Angostura Improves Brand Reputation with Botoseal Brand PRotection Solution