BPMS products
your parcel just got smarter


Our patented secure parcel monitoring solution utilizes smartcard technology to control access, allowing only authorized individuals to unlock parcels. Real-time GPS tracking ensures constant location monitoring, instantly reporting unlocking activities to a dashboard. Enhanced security features prevent theft and tampering, providing peace of mind throughout the delivery process.

How you can use BPMS for secure delivery of your Parcels

Lock your parcel

The parcel is secured using the BPMS electronic locking device. Our lockers are proven to be extremely secure and can be used for parcel deliveries as well as high-value items deliveries such as important documents.

Monitor in real-time

While Parcel is in transit for delivery, its location and status can be monitored in real-time and tampering attempt is reported instantly.

Grant access

On the arrival at its intended destination, access is granted by the sender either by remotely unlocking or with an access card pre-issued to the receiver.

Unique solution benefits of BPMS

BPMS in Key Industries


Our industry-leading technology eliminates your package problems. BPMS has been developed with unique procedures and processes to help retail organizations efficiently monitor the movement of high-value products from one location to another to ensure the luggage reaches its rightful owners, eliminating all forms of security breaches.


BPMS addresses the environmental and cost impacts of parcel fraud deliveries. We work with you to integrate your delivery processes and capture an electronic proof of delivery, enhancing your service level to clients.


BPMS smart security helps to combat counterfeiting for manufacturers. We enable manufacturers to run a fully connected, real-time supply chain. From the plant floor and warehouse operations right through to distribution and delivery. Our solution gives you agility, traceability, and visibility on all goods.


Data management is an aspect that most concerns the education community. Institutions must take steps to ensure the security of documents, content, and compliance within a regulatory framework. BPMS has been designed to provide super protection to the education sector. Our smart solutions are capable of evolving and adapting to the changing needs of the education sector.