Smart identity for your Students


Designed to eliminate exam malpractice and enhance the standards of examination bodies, CIVAMPEMS allows exam facilitators to seamlessly identify, verify, mark attendance, report examination malpractice, and manage examination processes. With core competencies that include contactless technology and embedded control, our premium smart card system offers unprecedented flexibility to construct custom-made student identity systems to suit institutions’ needs.

Secure RFID Smart Card

Data is securely encrypted in a smart card that delivers superior data integrity and privacy protection by leveraging the latest cryptographic algorithms. With no traceable identifiers exchanged during card sessions, we are able to prevent the data associated with a card from being divulged or cloned.

Rugged Mobile Terminal

The CIVAMPEMS mobile terminal is rugged enough to function in any terrain, such as in areas with low internet bandwidth. We have applications developed on Windows and Android and a wide range of terminals to suit our customers' needs.

Transform your examination processes with these distinctive benefits

Botosoft and WAEC

Botosoft Technologies provides WAEC with a student ID system that sees deployment across the whole of Nigeria. The project provides over 2.2 million students with machine-readable smart cards, as well as mobile readers to facilitate on-site validation.


WAEC Leads the Way in the Conduct of Examinations with Botosoft’s CIVAMPEMS Identity Management Solution