Identity Management

As businesses grow, robust identity and access management are critical for enterprise security. Botosoft Technologies offers tailored solutions with biometrics, AI, and more to protect your organization.


CIVAMPEMS allows exam facilitators to seamlessly identify, verify, mark attendance, report examination malpractice, and manage examination processes.


Botoverify empowers enterprises with impacting tools that drive digital transformation and cover the full spectrum of compliance challenges.


E-Presence is a foolproof solution that equips e-assessment providers with an effortless way to remotely monitor examinations in real time.

Document Security

Relying on documents exposes organizations to fraud risks. Botosoft Technologies offers trusted document security solutions with intelligent features, access control, and two-factor authentication for enhanced security and efficiency.

Botoseal For Document

Instantly verify the authenticity of sensitive documents using the latest RFID technology, protecting your organization's reputation.

Digital Certificate

Gain complete control over all of your organization’s documents. Effectively eliminating fraud, forgery, and doctoring.

Brand Protection

Counterfeit goods pose a significant challenge for businesses. Botosoft Technologies offers innovative solutions to protect brands and revenue, providing unmatched brand protection and resource optimization

Botoseal For Product

Product authentication could not be more simple, whilst remaining so secure with our catalogue of anti-counterfeit smart seals


Harness the power of Cloud Computing to track your products, eliminate theft and grey market activity and interact with your customers.