Smart Cards

With our premium quality embedded smart cards, we help organisations manage their digital identities protecting them from security threats.


Health services employ the most innovative and cutting edge technologies to fight illness and disease. We provide the solutions needed to ensure these organisations run seamlessly.


Our solutions in the education sector provide teachers and students with the means to access education and examinations free from fraud, malpractice and mismanagement.

Public Sector

Technology is constantly disrupting the way society operates, we assist organisations in ensuring citizens benefit from the latest technology in their everyday lives.

Contactless Technology

Contactless Technology is used in countless different applications everyday; performing cashless payments, confirming identities, granting access to personnel, the flexibility of RFID technology has allowed for innovation in virtually every sector. With this flexibility we have been able to develop smart ID card solutions that not only allow for foolproof identity authentication but pack multi-layered functionality into a powerful device that is less 1mm thick.

Handheld Terminals

When paired with our powerful smart card technology, the robust mobile readers we offer adds a durable and, most importantly, flexible edge to your identity management solution. The readers seamlessly communicates with cloud servers offering users the ability to manage data on-the-go, altering user states or permissions to ensure your solution is providing you the utmost safety and security.

Mobile Access Control

By using the same technology that enables secure contactless payments through your smartphone, we are not only able to transform devices into a verifiable source of identification but also provide functionality that allows your smartphone to act as an access key for defined areas on your premises.