BOTOSEAL™ - The world’s most advanced document anti-counterfeiting solution

This solution replaces conventional document seals with a chip embedded holographic seal. It only requires the tap of a smartphone to securely sign the document and validate its authenticity.

BOTOSEAL™overcomes certificate forgery, document doctoring, content alteration and signature falsification as it replaces easy-to-forge security with easy to verify authenticity.

Your paper documents just got smarter!

Digitally sign your document

Unlike traditional ink on paper, a digital signature is impossible to forge. BOTOSEAL™ SmartSign application lets you digitally sign your paper documents.

Tamper-evident holographic seal

Our seal is tamper evident, and offers unique security and physical attributes that prevents replication and hacking.


BOTOSEAL™ reverses the norm of complex document verification processes by allowing you to seamlessly verify documents' authenticity with a simple tap of your phone.

Track & revoke access

BOTOSEAL™ document tracking service allows you to view how your issued documents are been used. And if necessary, lets you revoke their use.

Manage document issuing in your organization

Document control, management and issuance is core to every business. The BOTOSEAL™ dashboard provides you information about what a document contains and when it was issued.

Access digital documents on the go

With digital copies of all your documents securely stored in the cloud, BOTOSEAL™ eliminates the risk of misplacing the paper versions and provides easy access to manage and retrieve digitally signed tamper evident copies.

BOTOSEAL is not just a new product, It is a new standard, an evolution!

Discover what a new kind of seal can do for you.

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