BOTOSEAL™ - An advanced anti-counterfeiting solution for products

The impact of counterfeit goods on brand owners and manufacturers is enormous. Imitated brands lose revenue, market share and reputation. Inability of customers to easily confirm product authenticity implies that they might attribute the lack of quality and durability to the manufacturer, thereby affecting future sales.

BOTOSEAL™ identifies counterfeit items through smarter packaging and the seamless process of verifying genuine products..

Tamper Evident Solution for your product packaging

Fibre Tear

The labels are fibre tear, which means in a tampering attempt, the adhesive strength of the BOTOSEAL™ label causes the packaging to tear open raggedly, indicating that the item has been tampered with.

Smart Label

An embedded microchip in the label can detect product package tampering. A simple tap of a smartphone on the label will confirm if the packaging has been opened or compromised.

Tamper Evident Holographic Seal

Our seal is tamper evident, and offers unique security and physical attributes that prevents replication and hacking.

Botoseal Product Management Platform (BPMP)

BPMP is a powerful tool that facilitates universal control and traceability of product issuance and distribution across the international supply chain. It is equipped with a powerful function that can help the company revoke or recall securely tagged products that are already in the supply chain.

BOTOSEAL is not just a new product, It is a new standard, an evolution!

Discover what a new kind of seal can do for you.

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A member of the Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG) and its specialist Brand Protection Group, and we support ACG's campaign against the trade in fakes