PoliceBCMR™ - Stay ahead of car thieves and criminals

Police Biometric Central Motor Registration (PoliceBCMR) is a solution developed to capture vehicle information and biometric data of the vehicle owners for easy verification of vehicle registration, authentication of vehicle ownership, theft control and overall crime prevention purposes.

It is a technological means of attaching automobile owner’s special and unique biological traits, personal data to their vehicles for easy identification, protection and crime control. The information is encrypted in a smartcard and can be verified with an RFID device. It is a unique enterprise solution developed to manage a database of vehicles in order to authenticate and validate vehicle documents nationwide.

PoliceBCMR captures and manages vehicle registration, owner information i.e. Bio data, Biometrics, photograph and keeps track of vehicle activities and user statistics. It enables real time contact with vehicle owners when the need arises and makes it difficult for a stolen vehicle to be re-registered within a country. It also enables the tracking of automobiles used to commit a crime.

Benefits of PoliceBCMR

An all-in-One smartcard

PoliceBCMR gives drivers the freedom to leave all their vehicle documents at home, as their smartcard contains all the necessary data. The card has an embedded microchip which has the capacity to store vehicle and owner’s information which can be displayed by scanning the card with a mobile device.

Fast process for vehicle tracking and recovery

Enforcement authorities can easily trace and detect car ownership anytime and anywhere in case of theft.

Seamless verification of vehicle ownership

The solution overrides the traditional means of rigorous paper-based checking by providing a hassle free electronic platform for vehicle ownership verification.

Access to vehicle recovery list

PoliceBCMR provides a platform to manage recovered vehicles. It offers access to a database of all stolen vehicles that have been recovered by the police force of individual countries.