Anti-Fraud Smart Document Seals

Our various mobile identity integrations pack even more functionality into your smartphone, ensuring your ID is always available on the go.


Our solutions in the education sector provide teachers and students with the means to access education and all examinations free from fraud, malpractice and mismanagement.


Health services employ the most innovative and cutting edge technologies to fight illness. We provide the solutions needed to ensure these organisations run seamlessly.


The effects of counterfeit goods are felt by us all, from the manufacturers to the product owners right down to the consumer. Our solutions aim to stamp out counterfeiting.

Public Sector

Technology is constantly disrupting the way society operates, we assist organisations in ensuring citizens benefit from the latest technology in their everyday lives.

Microchip Embedded Seal

Our microchip embedded seal adds a new level of digitised security onto your paper documents. Seamlessly verify your documents authenticity with just the tap of your smartphone, eliminating forgery, document doctoring, content alteration and signature falsification. Our smart seal solution surpasses the traditional document security techniques such as specialised inks, holographics and intricately patterned paper by employing the dynamic capacity of microchip technology to provide an inimitable form of authenticity.

Document Signing

Unlike traditional ink on paper, a digital signature is impossible to forge. Our SmartSign application not only allows you to digitally sign your paper documents using an account that only you have access to, but also to bind information such as geolocation, biometrics and personalised notes to ensure your signature isn’t just a form of authenticity but an additional element of functionality for your documents.