Document Management Platform

Gain complete control over all of your organisation’s documents. Effectively eliminating fraud, forgery and doctoring, using the latest technology in Cloud Computing design and framework reimagined.


Our solutions in the education sector provide teachers and students with the means to access education and all examinations free from fraud, malpractice and mismanagement.


Health services employ the most innovative and cutting edge technologies to fight illness. We provide the solutions needed to ensure these organisations run seamlessly.


The effects of counterfeit goods are felt by us all, from the manufacturers to the product owners right down to the consumer. Our solutions aim to stamp out counterfeiting.


We help organisations get their products from A to B safely and securely by developing technologies that address supply chain disruption and the grey market economy.

Manage Document Issuing in Your Organisation

The first step to safely securing your documents is to gain complete control over your documents. Our Document Management Platform gives you a complete overview of all your organisation’s documents; when they were issued, where they’ve been verified and who has verified them.

Track and Revoke Access

The distribution of documents becomes increasingly difficult to monitor as your organisation increases in size. Our document management platform allows you to observe and control which documents are in circulation by revoking the validity of certain content with immediate effect.