Our various mobile identity integrations pack even more functionality into your smartphone, ensuring your ID is always available on the go.

Public Sector

Technology is constantly disrupting the way society operates, we assist organisations in ensuring citizens benefit from the latest technology in their everyday lives.


Our solutions in the education sector provide teachers and students with the means to access education and examinations free from fraud, malpractice and mismanagement.


We help organisations get their products from A to B safely and securely by developing technologies that address supply chain disruption and the grey market economy.

Healthcare Sector

Health services employ the most innovative and cutting edge technologies to fight illness and disease. We provide the solutions needed to ensure these organisations run seamlessly.

Mobile ID

Mobile phones have become an integral part of managing our day to day lives so it’s no surprise that by 2021 the number of active smartphone users will exceed 6 billion. We rely on them for communication, consume the majority of our media through them, utilize them for banking and cashless payments, it’s only natural that we leverage the technological breadth of our smartphones for identification purposes as well.

Mobile Access Control

By using the same technology that enables secure contactless payments through your smartphone, we are not only able to transform devices into a verifiable source of identification but also provide functionality that allows your smartphone to act as an access key for defined areas on your premises.