Smart identity for your Students


The rise in examination fraud pushes educators at all levels to leverage modern technology to combat exam malpractice and improve the quality of examinations. CIVAMPEMS seeks to address and record in real-time event occurrences as it happens, report them promptly, and avail the user access to reliable data for post-exam management. 

Access, Confirm, Share

Digital Certificate

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, organizations need a secure, efficient, and flexible solution to manage and verify certificates. Our smart web and mobile credential platform empowers you with the tools to streamline the certification process, enhance security, and ensure seamless verification.

smarter packaging

Botoseal For Product

The impact of counterfeit goods on brand owners and manufacturers is enormous. Imitated brands lose revenue, market share, and reputation. The inability of customers to easily confirm product authenticity means that they might attribute the lack of quality and durability to the manufacturer, thereby affecting future sales. Botosoft Technologies offer solutions that help brands to overcome product counterfeiting.

the trust you need

Botoseal For Document

BOTOSEAL overcomes certificate forgery, document doctoring, content alteration, and signature falsification as it replaces easy-to-forge security with easy-to-verify authenticity. Our smart security solution helps you manage critical documents at scale to drive productivity and efficiency. 

your parcel just got smarter


Being able to identify the origin and different stages through which a parcel passes within the entire logistics chain is a fundamental value for organizations and logistics operators. BPMS has been designed to offer a satisfying solution to the ever-growing parcel security issues.

one look is all it takes


Botoverify empowers organizations with AI-powered smart solutions to provide secure identity checks, verification, and onboarding processes. It helps to promptly spot and screen unwanted images that do not meet the clients’ required standards or specifications. 

your digital invigilator


Examination invigilation is one of the crucial components of exam management. Education institutions must authenticate candidates’ identities and monitor candidates during the exam process to prevent malpractice during exams. Botosoft Technologies’ advanced biometric data tracking enables e-assessment providers with an effortless way of remotely supervising and monitoring examinations.