Angostura Improves Brand Reputation with Botoseal Brand Protection Solution

Angostura’s Grey Market Challenge

Angostura, a leading alcoholic beverage distribution company was facing a significant challenge in the form of grey market sales. These unauthorized distributors sold their products at reduced prices, affecting the company’s revenue and brand reputation. Angostura was also struggling to engage with its customers in a personalized and meaningful way. The company sought for a solution to effectively fight grey market sales, protect its brand, and enhance customer engagement.

Solution- Botosoft Aids Angostura in Countering Grey Market​

To combat this challenge, Angostura needed a comprehensive brand protection solution to enhance brand loyalty and trust while promoting brand engagement with consumers. The alcoholic beverage distribution company after a thorough evaluation determined that Botosoft’s smart labeling technology, Botoseal, met all its requirements and partnered with the leading brand protection provider to implement a solution.

Botoseal: Smart protection solution that works

Angostura’s partnership with Botosoft was instrumental in combating the grey market and enhancing brand protection and engagement with consumers. The implementation of a comprehensive brand protection solution helped the alcoholic drink distribution company to maintain the integrity of its products, safeguard its reputation and secure its future success.

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