WAEC Leads the Way in the Conduct of Examinations with Botosoft’s CIVAMPEMS Identity Management Solution

The West African Examinations Council is West Africa’s foremost examining board established by law to develop and administer examinations for the English-speaking countries in the region. Its role includes conducting examinations and issuing certificates that are internationally recognized and comparable to those awarded by similar examining bodies worldwide. As the leading educational authority in West Africa, WAEC is entrusted with the responsibility of upholding the highest standard of education, while also giving the people of West Africa a vision of the vast potential that extends beyond examinations. Annually, WAEC Nigeria conducts examinations for over 2 million candidates. 


With millions of identities to verify and manage during every examination session, compounded by the rise of identity fraud and impersonation, posed a series of logistical challenges in access control and validation. This resulted in substantial expenses and consumed a considerable amount of time for the board.  

The manual examination process involved WAEC examination facilitators conducting numerous physical checks of identification documents. This method required a considerable investment of time and resources to deploy sufficient personnel to manage the large number of candidates, presenting a significant challenge. Amidst these challenges, WAEC needed the implementation of a real-time identification and monitoring system. This system aimed to streamline on-site validation processes, ultimately enhancing the quality and efficiency of WAEC examinations. 


A New System With Botosoft’s CIVAMPEMS Smart Cards and Mobile Handheld Terminals 

WAEC Nigeria carried out a significant upgrade to its access management and validation system, incorporating Botosoft’s Smart Cards and Mobile Handheld technology for its candidates. These smartcards are efficiently managed remotely and centrally via the CIVAMPEMS platform, making WAEC’s transition from manual identity management to the utilization of Botosoft CIVAMPEMS smart cards and mobile handheld readers. 

CIVAMPEMS facilitates the use of smart cards and mobile handheld terminals to grant access to examinations and more. Designed to eliminate exam malpractice and enhance the standards of examination bodies, CIVAMPEMS allows exam facilitators to seamlessly identify, verify, mark attendance, report examination malpractice, and manage examination processes. With core features including contactless technology and embedded control, the CIVAMPEMS premium smart card system offers unprecedented flexibility to tailor custom student identity systems to meet the specific needs of institutions.  


By implementing Botosoft’s CIVAMPEMS Identity Management Solution, WAEC Nigeria successfully optimized its access control and validation system while enhancing its examination management and administration. The use of CIVAMPEMS’s handheld mobile reader allows WAEC to  

  • Eliminate identity fraud. 
  • Verify student attendance 
  • Manage challenges around examination violations in real-time, and 
  • Save hundreds of hours of manual data entry and eliminate errors. The time saved allows WAEC examiners to concentrate on the importance of the day with the assurance that the students are already authenticated for the exam in question.  

According to WAEC Nigeria’s Head of National Office, Charles Eguridu, ‘The implementation of this real-time identification and monitoring system helps bring to life our vision of being a world-class examination body’.