Product Management Platform

Our various mobile identity integrations pack even more functionality into your smartphone, ensuring your ID is always available on the go.


Health services employ the most innovative and cutting edge technologies to fight illness and disease. We provide the solutions needed to ensure these organisations run seamlessly.


The effects of counterfeit goods are felt by us all, from the manufacturers to the product owners right down to the consumer. Our solutions aim to stamp out counterfeiting.


Product counterfeiting can deal irreversible damage to a brand’s reputation. We provide retail brands with innovative technology that allows consumer to instantly verify a product's authenticity.


We help organisations get their products from A to B safely and securely by developing technologies that address supply chain disruption and the grey market economy.

Supply Chain Management

Our product management platform works hand in hand with our labelling solutions to give you complete control of your supply chain. By monitoring your product’s journey, you can ensure genuine stock isn’t passing through unauthorized parties or into unintended markets, guaranteeing that only the official distributors are handling your goods.

Consumer engagement

Consumer knowledge is a fundamental element of product marketing, the ability to monitor how customers engage with products is something that allows us to refine our output and ensure we deliver exactly what consumers want and need. Not only does our smart seal solution allow you to see how customers engage with your products, it also provides another channel for you to engage with them by launching marketing messages directly to their devices when they scan.